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Warmly congratulate the new website on the line

瀏覽次數: 日期:Mar 2,2018

Zhengzhou Xiangyu Casting Material Co., Ltd. is a specialized enterprise that develops, produces and manages foundry raw and auxiliary materials. It is the governing unit of China Foundry Association, the vice president of Henan Casting and Forging Industry Association, the director unit of China Foundry Association Casting Materials Branch, Henan Casting and Forging Industry Association Casting Branch chairman unit, the first national casting material industry vanguard enterprises, China Foundry Association disappeared mold and V Law branch units. The company set up under the 4 production plants, a research and development centers and sales company in Zhengzhou, headquartered in the country Zhengzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone Hanghai Road Zhongxing Industrial Park.

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