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  • 產品名稱: Riser covering agent

The cast steel riser covering agent is newly developed by the Company with concerning institutes, and it is applicable for the insulated riser sleeves, open risers and ordinary sand mold risers of castings made of carbon steel, alloy steel, high-manganese steel, stainless steel and refractory steel, as well as the cast risers of investment precision castings made of above materials.

Physicochemical indexes (%):

1. This product is carbon-black powder without toxin or smell but with high calorific value and good thermal insulation.

2. Without insulated riser sleeve, the opening will shrink to a flat bottom in the form of “plate” or “hemisphere”, i.e. the riser opening almost shrinks to U-shape.

3. It can prolong the encrusting time of riser top obviously to make the molten steel in riser subject to atmospheric pressure for a long time, which can improve the shrinking efficiency of riser, is good for the separation of air and the floating of articles in the casting and thus ensure the quality of castings and reducing the rejection rate.

4. This product can reduce the weight of riser by more than 50%, and increase the acceptance rate of steel by above 15%.

Application method:

After casting, throw this product to the riser top. Normally, it shall be as thick as 5-8% of riser diameter. This product should be placed in the dry and ventilated place and be protected from fire and dampness.

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