• 產品名稱: Silicon carbide

Silicon carbide is also an excellent performance of cast iron with the added material, has a good effect:

And improve the graphite form, improve the rate of spheroidization, reduce the skin pores. Prevent the precipitation of carbides, increase the ferrite content, reduce white tendency.

Chemical composition (%):

Ⅱ. Application keys::

1. The smelting time and oxidizing time shall follow the specifications.

2. The carborundum shall be added after thin slag is formed. The dosage depends on the amount of molten steel and the conditions of furnace of specific batch. Sufficient carborundum shall be added once. Usually, XY45-55 is used for 5-8Kg/T steel and XY55-75 for 3-5Kg/T steel.

Ⅲ. Application effect:

1. Quicken the reaction, shorten the smelting time and remove the sulfur at the same moment.

2. The temperature is easy to adjust so the power consumption is decreased and the service life of furnace lining and cover is prolonged.

3. Its granularity is small and the consumption of fluorite is reduced so the concentration of fluorine is decreased and it is good for environmental protection.

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