• 產品名稱: Carburant

The carburant is used to carburet various cast steel and iron smelted in electric furnace. It has higher content of fixed carbon, stable performance and good carbureting effect, and is easy to be absorbed. According to sulfur content, it can be divided into two classes, namely low sulfur and medium sulfur.The other for a calcined coal carbon agent.

Technical indexes(%):

Common granularity: 1-3mesh, 3-5mesh, 1-5mesh.

Application method:

1. When mixing the materials, adjust the carbon content by adding the carburant into the middle and lower positions of electric furnace along with metal furnace charging while smelting the molten steel (iron) according to carbon content. 95% of carbon can be absorbed. Never break slag before the carburant is smelt; otherwise, the carburant will be wrapped in the waste slag, affecting the absorption of carbon.

2. After the molten steel (iron) is smelted, adjust the carbon content by adding the carburant in the molten steel (iron) surface, then mixing the carburant and molten steel (iron) manually or through whirlpool of molten steel (iron) formed during smelting in electric furnace. About 90% of carbon can be absorbed.

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