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  • 產品名稱: Steel cleaning agent- molten steel (iron) cleaning agent

The molten steel (iron) contains various harmful gases and non-metal foreign inclusions. If such things are not removed completely, various defects may occur, such as scum, slag inclusion and pore, and the walls of electric furnaces and molten steel (iron) ladles will slag, which may shorten their service life. The traditional slag remover can only remove the floating slag on the molten steel (iron) surface, and is useless for the sundries mixed and suspending in molten steel (iron). However, the steel cleaning agent can solve this difficulty effectively.

Ⅰ. Application effect:

1. In the course of melting, the steel cleaning agent can revert and remove the oxide in the molten steel (iron), purify the molten steel, obviously reduce the viscidity of molten steel and improve the fluidity.

2. During smelting, the steel cleaning agent can soften the furnace slag effectively, prevent the insoluble oxide from adhering to the furnace wall, and thus increase the efficiency and shorten the smelting time.

3. During smelting, the furnace slag reacts with the refractory material continuously and shortens the service life of furnace lining while the steel cleaning agent, if used, can remove the stuck slag effectively and increase the service life of furnace lining.Ⅱ. Application method:

4. Induction electric furnace: place the cleaning agent at the furnace bottom or add it together with the furnace charging and carburant.

5. Molten steel (iron) ladle: place the steel cleaning agent at ladle bottom.

6. Consumption: about 0.03%-0.08% of molten steel (iron); 0.05% is suggested for first time, and then adjust the consumption according to furnace wall condition.

Ⅲ. Applicability:

gray iron, ball iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, high-manganese steel, stainless steel

Ⅳ. Notices:

1. Place it in the dry place to avoid dampness.

2. Notice the change of furnace wall according to application conditions.

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