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  • 產品名稱: Casting coating

Product features:

1. The casting coating of this series belongs to sinter-stripping coating. The coating can separate from the casting automatically and not stick sand so it is easy to remove the sand and clean the casting.

2. It has good integrated performance under normal and high temperature, less gas forming amount and high coating strength, is resistant to high temperature and scouring, and does not crack.

3. It has good suspending property, thixotropy and leveling property, is thick but not sticky, slides but not flows, and is smooth and dense.

Technical indexes:


1. XYTC is alcohol-base coating, XYTS is water-base coating, XYSS is specialized for vanishing mold, XYTV for V-method.

2. Each model of powdered and wet granular coatings can supplied upon request.

3. The pertinent coating solution can be put forward according to different casting technologies, casting materials and production conditions of customers to provide the customized service.

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