Services are endless, pre-sales planning, sales tracking and after-sales service, all just to meet your needs.

  Pre-sales design:

  As a good staff member and assistant, every user’s investment is rewarded:

  (1) According to customer needs, we propose our product selection;

  (2) Design and manufacture your satisfied products according to the special requirements of customers;

  (3) Product-related technical consulting services;

  (4) To provide inspection visits, customers can make appointments to visit the exhibition hall and visit the company in person. The company provides professional reception personnel.

  Sales service:

  Respect customers, communicate in a timely manner, continue to improve, and strive to maximize customer value:

  (1) Respect each customer's opinions, and promote transactions with a win-win goal;

  (2) timely feedback to the customer on the progress of the contract implementation to ensure the timely, smooth and safe delivery of the product;

  (3) Assist customers in formulating product use plans.

  After-sale service:

  The end of sales does not mean the end of the service. Continuous and reliable service will solve the worries of customers.

  (1) Assist customers in guiding product use; timely communicate product usage;

  (2) Provide product operation instructions, and provide free training for operators who need it to provide technical support for the correct use of the product;

  (3) If you have any problems during use, you can contact us at any time. If you can't solve the problem on the phone, we will send technical staff to come to your door.

  Zhengzhou Xiangyu --- one-stop procurement of casting materials, diversified services to meet your different needs.

  24 hours a day telephone service, holiday service as usual.

  Service hotline: +86-371-66777960

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